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Source: The supersyllabogram KI kitina in Linear A probably means a border of a plot of land/territory Cf. Linear B kotona kotoina ktoi/na = plot of land?


Source: The supersyllabogram WI in Linear A winu, winadu, winumatari

Source: the supersyllabogram SU in Linear A, a small cup with handles & the largest pithos size

Source: the supersyllabogram KA = with with a jar or vessel for water or wine

Source: POST 1,702: The supersyllabogram DI in Linear A, dipa3a (diapia) + dipaja = from a cup

Source: Comment by Nikos Papadopoulos (Greece) on my Linear A decipherment of beer as “with wine”, hence zute NM1 ζῦθe <- ζῦθος = with beer

Source: Wikipedia: History of beer + the Minoan words for beer = zute and kiretaiwinu finally deciphered

Source: Introduction to supersyllabograms on Linear A tablets: PART A

Source: Rita Roberts’ translation of Linear B tablet KN 911 D e 01 (Knossos)

Source: I am astonished by the magnificent costumes of Louis XIV, le Roi Soleil, even though this blog is about Linear A B & C: Part 3