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Source: Linear A fragment PH 7 (Phaistos) which is definitely a religious incantation

Source: Linear A tablet dealing with wheat and spices

Source: Minoan Linear A decorated ceramic, kitina, Cf. Linear B kot0na = plot of land?

Source: After 117 years, the Linear A vocabulary for 3 major grains (bran, wheat, barley) and for flax is conclusively deciphered

Source: Google image search “Minoan Linear A grains” reveals that practically every last image is from Linear A, Linear B, Knossos & Mycenae

Source: Credible decipherment of several grains mentioned on of Linear A tablet HT 10 (Haghia Triada)

Source: A major advance in the decipherment of Linear A, the impact of 22 Linear A ligatured logograms, of which 12 are in Mycenaean-derived Greek

Source: Linear A roundel pendant, Titisutisa, the name of a princess?

Source: Our site moderator, Richard Vallance Janke, April 30 2017

Source: Minoan Linear A scribal hands: W & Z series syllabograms: WA WI ZA ZE ZE ZU (the last)