Category: Poetry

Source: A convincing contextualized decipherment of Linear A tablet HT 1 (Haghia Triada)

Source: Locations of Linear A tablets at Haghia Triada, including the 14 I have deciphered

Source: Inscription from Malia in New Minoan Linear A, Tainaron, a town with authority

Source: Free translation of Linear A tablet KH 5 (Khania) concerning the shipping of wine by sea?

Source: Haghia Triada roundels & noduli

this: Pr

Source: Linear A bar, MA 2 (Malia), probable translation: penny royal as a means of treatment

Source: Decipherment of the Linear B seal BE Zg2

Source: Linear B seal BE Zg 1 as erroneously interpreted by Gretchen Leonhardt, corrected here

Source: Linear A tablet ZA 14 (Zakros) appears to be almost entirely inscribed in Mycenaean-derived Greek

Source: Minoan Grammar: Nouns & adjectives: Masculine: ultimate u, nominative masculine singular: Part 2: D-Z depu-tanirizu 86-150