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Source: All-new decipherment of Linear A tablet HT 8 (Haghia Triada) dealing with multiple crops


Source: Predynastic rock art discovered south of Aswan.

Source: Why I consider the Linear B syllabary to be a streamlined refinement of the Linear A syllabary and not a new syllabary

Source: Total number of words derived from languages antecedent to Linear A in Linear A

Source: Potential Pre-Greek substratum (PGS), proto-Greek (PG) & Mycenaean-derived New Minoan (NM) words in Linear A = 305/1076 in the entire Linear A Lexicon

Source: Overlap between Linear A and Linear B syllabaries is so high that the latter should be considered a refinement of the former, and not a new syllabary

Source: New interpretation of Linear A tablet HT 10 (Haghia Triada)

Source: CRITICAL POST: Ancient words from 3,000 – 1,200 BCE in modern English

Source: Linear A tablet PY Ub 1318a (Pylos) – millet or spelt

Source: The supersyllabogram PA pa3ni/pa3nina/pa3niwi OM = millet -or- spelt -or- pa3qe, paiqe (+ ideogram for wheat) LIG = a kind of grain similar to wheat