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Source: Linear A tablet HT 38 (Haghia Triada) with 2 supersyllabograms, dealing with wine


Source: Linear A haiku, violets parallel to violets for Kaniami, from her father, in Linear A, archaic Greek, English and French

Source: Just uploaded to = Exhaustive Linear A lexicon of 1030 New Minoan and Old Minoan words, with extensive sectional commentaries.pdf

Source: Silver pin from Mavro Spelio: A.Y. Nikolaos Museum PL Zf 1

Source: Linear B syllabograms, homophones and special characters missing from the Linear A syllabary

Source: Rita Robert’s decipherment of Linear B tablet KN 669 K j 21 (Knossos) on grains and saffron

Source: Linear A haiku: the saffron goddess, her crimson dress adorned with ivy

Source: Common pulse crops in the late Neolithic, Early, Middle and Late Bronze Ages Mediterranean and Near East, including Minoan Crete

Source: Linear A haiku: a fawn living in the fields

Source: Linear A haiku: the hollow ships on the vermilion sea